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For Talent

Now you don't need to send out your resume or receive irrelevant offers on LinkedIn

Create a free profile

Creating a profile usually takes around 10 minutes. You need a profile for recruiters to see your background. Your profile is aways hidden from your current employer!


Our matching algorithms will verify your profile and offer you only matchable jobs that fit your skills and preferences.

Get job interview invitations

Employers that match well with you can send you an interview request with job description and salary. You just need to decide whether you want to communicate with the company.

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For Companies

Hire the best talent much faster. Our matching algorithms do the routine and you can focus on important things

Create a company profile

Crafting a profile usually takes around 10 minutes. You need a profile to create job openings on the platform.


Our matching algorithms find job-eligible talent. We consider loads of metrics to filter off irrelevant candidates.

Select candidates for a job interview

Then you revise the matchable profiles and reach out to the candidates you like to invite for a job interview. Besides, we have a chat, so everything is in one place.

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Talent on Talantly

Scale up your recruitment and build a pipeline of top tech talent with the hottest candidates on the market.


The majority of our tech talent is developers. Front-end, back-end, Android, iOS and even Scala— diversity is guaranteed!


The second-largest group on Talantly is managers. Project, Product, Delivery and many others.


UI/UX, product, graphic designers and illustrators. But most importantly — all are talented.


Top companies use Talantly to hire their next Account and Sales Managers, Business developers and Lead generations. Everyone you need to increase sales or close that big deal is here.

Recruiters and HR

To amplify the power of Talantly, find the right recruiters and HR specialists to manage your hiring efforts and to soft-skill interview best talent.


Business analysts, Customer support specialists of levels, office managers and many other - the sky is the limit for hiring with Talantly!

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Why Talantly?

Opportunities only with salary details

When companies apply to interview you, they will always come with a salary upfront.

You only need to craft a profile, the rest we'll do for you

No resume or cover letter needed. Customize your profile and wait for employers to apply to you. You’ll only hear from well-matching companies.

Always free for talent, no hidden payments

Talantly is always free for talent. No payments, minimal effort and best hiring opportunities are guaranteed!