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Software Engineer

$3000 – $4500

Hello Roman, I have found your profile on the platform and glad to offer you our job opening.

Software Engineer

Easy Capital
$7000 - $9000

Hi Stas, we have a job opening of a Software Engineer in London. I've noticed that you consider moving to England. When it will be convenient for you to talk?

Software Engineer

$3100 - $5500

Hello Dmytro, we at Moneymeno are looking for a Lead for our development team (4 people). Work is remote, but we pay for a coworking if needed. Does it sound interesting for you?

Software Engineer

$4000 - $7000

Hi, I’m Sergiy from Customisely. We are a startup with the HQ in LA and are looking for a developer to work on our new platform. We also offer the possibility of relocation to the US on L1 visa in a couple of years.

Software Engineer

$3000 – $4500

Hello, Vadym. You've got a great profile! We offer remote work and 30 days of vacation, is it interesting to proceed?

Software Engineer

Born to Code
$6000 - $7000

Hi Artem we are now looking for a strong Software Engineer to work in our Warsaw office. We provide outstaffing services for a large American bank and cover all the relocation costs.

Software Engineer

Penny Flights
$2000 - $3000

Hi Oleksander, your profile states that you consider project work. We are looking for a developer to deploy the ticket search system. It will take around 50 hours. Let's we talk?

Software Engineer

$3800 - $5100

Denys, how are you? We are developing a new product (fitness tracker) and are in search of an experienced software engineer who will get it to a new mega level.

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